Sushant's first birth anniversary: 'Celebrate Sushant's Day'
Sushant's first birth anniversary: 'Celebrate Sushant's Day'

Sushant Singh Rajput was born on this day but is no longer in this world. Today, his first birth anniversary. In this way, the first birth of Sushant is remembering the fellows and Bollywood Celebes on the anime. Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut has once again targeted the movie mafia, Karan Johar. Kangana has made a tweet in which he wrote, "Sushant, the movie mafia harassed you and exploited you. At times, you sought help on social media and I feel very bad that I was not with you at that time. I should not have thought that you were so strong that these movie mafias would be able to endure torture, but I wish... Happy Birthday... Sushant Day."



In another tweet, Kangana wrote, "Never forget that Sushant had revealed to the movie mafia on social media before her demise that she wanted to exclude Sushant from the film industry. Sushant had sought help from her followers to help her films make hits. He complained of nepotism in his interviews. His blockbuster films were described as flops.'’

In another tweet, Kangana wrote: "Never forget that Sushant had told her that Yashraj films had banned them. He also told about Karan Johar who showed him big dreams and then did not release his film. He then told the entire country that Sushant flops are actors. Kangana did not stop, but he made another tweet in which he wrote, "Sushant had said that he would be put to death like Parveen Baabi. He himself said that he had been given therapy. Sushant wrote on social media before her death that never forgive and never forget."

Now, in his last tweet, Kangana wrote, "At the top of this, today is the day of Sushant and celebrate it. Don't let anybody speak that you are not good. Don't trust anyone more than yourself. Those who tell you that drugs are the solution to every problem and cause you economic and emotional harm. Celebrate the day of Sushant." Today the fellows of Sushant are remembering them wholeheartedly and praying for their happiness.

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