Sushant's brother-in-law pens down emotional note
Sushant's brother-in-law pens down emotional note

Why Sushant Singh Rajput chose the way of suicide to end his life. His brother-in-law has recently shared a post. He has disclosed many such things, which very few fans of Sushant would know. IPS Om Prakash Singh is Sushant's brother-in-law and he wrote in his post that "Sushant was born after a lot of prayers. Sushant's mother was a simple woman. She took care of her family efficiently. Worshipped regularly.

OP Singh wrote, "One day the time had come for Sushant's mother to leave this world. Sushant asked, 'What should I do'? The woman said, 'When you have come, go see your own world'. The love again came in the way. Aaradhya asked, 'How long?'. The woman said, 'As much as with me'. The next seventeen years, Aaradhya united the earth and the sky. Wherever we go, there is a flow of effortless love. People with worldly habits would be jealous. 

He further wrote that "he carried a telescope in the name of the goods. Every now and then, looking at his hideout in distant space. Now, even going from here and there, He used to occasionally giggle with the woman, 'I have gone away, I got stuck here' Seventeen more years passed. A day came when the adorable man was freed from her promise. Now both are living together in the afterlife. Away from joy and sorrow, condemnation and praise. Beyond happiness, sorrow, fascination and illusion." Since the death of Sushant, many people are still in shock.

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