'Actor used to come drunk on sets of 'Chingari', Sushmita Sen's MeToo incident
'Actor used to come drunk on sets of 'Chingari', Sushmita Sen's MeToo incident

 'Me Too' campaign was raised in Bollywood a long time ago. Recently, Sushmita Sen has revealed about this. She told what happened to her. The incident that happened to her was during the shooting of the film 'Chingari'. Chingari is a story of a dispute between a prostitute and a priest and her life was destroyed by the famous artist who played a villain in the film. Scenes with intimate relationships were like hell for Sushmita at that time.

At that time the artist used to come drunk on the sets every day and he troubled Sushmita a lot, but when Sushmita showed her performance, according to Kalpana Lajmi, that artist became paralyzed. After that, Sushmita dominated him by giving long shots without hesitation and managed to compete with him in the film. This was disclosed by Kalpana Lajmi, who is a film director.

Sushmita is seen in Arya these days. She has played a strong role in Arya. Sushmita Sen is being praised for the web series. In the web series, Sushmita Sen is playing the role of Arya Sarin, her husband (Chandrachur Singh) is in the business of medicines, they have three children. Suddenly there is a twist in the story. Meanwhile, Arya's husband is shot and killed, all the responsibility falls on Arya and it is shown in how she faces it.

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