Daughter becomes victim of fight between husband and wife

Jul 27 2020 12:57 PM
Daughter becomes victim of fight between husband and wife

Vizianagaram: Recently a case of crime has come up that you will shock you. Here the suspicion between husband and wife has killed an innocent girl. According to the information, the mother threw her baby in the well. The matter is being reported from D. Tallavalsa village of the Denkada division of the Vijayanagar district. The CI of Bhogapuram, Laxman Rao talked about this.

He said, 'Banka Srinu of D Tallavalsa village married to Mahalakshmi of Venpadam village in Pusapatirega Mandal nine years ago.'  After a few days of marriage, there was suspicion between husband and wife. It is being told that only two days after the birth of their elder daughter, both were found to have HIV infection. Meanwhile, both started quarreling. The feud between the two continued and in the meantime little daughter, Ramya was born. Her birth created a further rift between the two. Fed up with the husband's frequent quarrel, the wife decided to go to the maternal home with both daughters.

Meanwhile, her father died and she came back with her two daughters-in-law. After that again there was a fight between husband and wife. In this sequence, at around 4 am on Sunday morning, Mahalakshmi threw her second daughter Ramya into the well. On seeing the body of the girl on the surface of the water in the well, people informed the police. In this case, it has been told that the police reached the spot and took the body out of the well and sent it to the hospital for postmortem. In this case, the accused Mahalakshmi told the police that being fed up with her husband's torture, she threw the daughter in the well.

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