Swara Bhaskar trolled for praising Kejriwal

In Bollywood, Swara Bhaskar is known for her controversial statements and that is why she remains in the headlines. She tweets about matters related to politics and her tweets remain in the discussions. You all must have seen Swara Bhaskar remain very active on social media and keeps giving her feedback on socio-political issues. Now recently she has tweeted something once again and once again due to the tweet, she has come under the trolls' target.

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G. Darsal Swara Bhaskar has been opposing the decision of the Central Government's CAA and NRC for a long time. Not only this but many politicians also continue to speak against this decision of the government. In this list, recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal shared a video on his Twitter account about CAA and NRC and this video of him is associated with Delhi Legislative Assembly, which Swara Bhaskar praised and targeted the trolls. Yes, in this video, Arvind Kejriwal had said in his speech, "If the President and the Home Minister of the country have said that the NRC will come, then obviously it will come."

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She further said that due to the mercy of God, the coronavirus has not spread so far in our country, but there is a lot of concern in this country as well. People have many questions in their mind, all parties and leaders should focus on this. Unemployment has increased in a big way in our country, but the whole country is lying behind 'CAA', 'NRC', 'NPR'. This will not solve the problem of unemployment in the country, we will have to prove citizenship, who will benefit from it? In this video, Swara Bhaskar praised Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal retweeting his tweet and wrote, 'Masterstroke debate Arvind Kejriwal sir point out' CAA ',' NRC ',' NPR 'and also said that How the three are related to each other. The entire project is not only anti-Muslim but also anti-human.

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Many social media users gave their responses to this tweet of Swara Bhaskar. While trolling her, a user Aghora wrote, 'It is still going on, put a finger on your mouth and go to sleep". Many social media users have trolled her.

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