Sweet Remedy: Know 10 Amazing Amla Murabba Benefits
Sweet Remedy: Know 10 Amazing Amla Murabba Benefits

Amala, or Indian gooseberry, is a small, round fruit that appears during the onset of the winter season. It boasts a tangy-sweet taste and is known for its vibrant green color. Packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals, Amala is revered for its numerous health benefits. This seasonal fruit is celebrated for supporting immunity, aiding digestion, promoting healthy skin and hair, and overall Health

Here are exceptional Amla Murabba benefits you need to know.
 1. Digestive Harmony:

The high fiber content in Amla Murabba makes it a go-to remedy for digestive issues. Known to alleviate gastritis and tackle constipation, especially when combined with sugar and honey, it aids in maintaining a healthy gut, a cornerstone of overall well-being.

2. Mineral Richness:
Packed with essential minerals like chromium, zinc, copper, and iron, Amla becomes a key player in enhancing immunity. Chromium, in particular, contributes to regulating cholesterol levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart diseases.

3. Joint Health:

The richness of Vitamin C in Amla makes it an effective solution for joint inflammation and pain. Consuming it raw or in murabba form, especially in the morning, could alleviate arthritis discomfort and improve digestion.

4. Pregnancy Support:

Considered beneficial for expectant mothers, Amla Murabba's consumption during pregnancy supports both the mother and the unborn child. Additionally, it aids in preventing hormonal hair fall, offering added benefits during this crucial phase.

5. Ulcer Prevention:

With its anti-ulcer properties and fiber content, Amla Murabba serves as a recommended inclusion in the diet for individuals suffering from peptic ulcers. Gargling with amla juice diluted in water can provide relief from mouth ulcers.

6. Constipation Relief:

Apart from its delightful taste, Amla Murabba is known to alleviate constipation when consumed after a glass of milk. Taking a teaspoon of amla powder with lukewarm water at night can also aid in relieving chronic constipation.

7. Cholesterol Management:
The presence of chromium, zinc, and copper in Amla Murabba assists in regulating cholesterol levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart ailments. Incorporating dry amla powder with honey post-meals can aid in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

8. Immune Boosting:

Amla Murabba, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, serves as a natural immunity booster. Consuming amla juice mixed with honey daily can aid in combating recurring infections like cold and fever, promoting a robust immune system.

9. Menstrual Comfort:

Regular consumption of Amla Murabba has shown to reduce menstrual cramps significantly. Its intake over three months could potentially alleviate future menstrual discomfort while aiding in managing heavy bleeding.

10. Anemia Aid:

Amla Murabba, being a rich source of iron, can help individuals suffering from anemia by boosting hemoglobin levels. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding can also benefit from its iron-rich properties.

Bonus Skin Benefits:

Continued consumption of Amla Murabba for around six months can assist in reducing acne marks and scars. Its high Vitamin C content contributes to improving skin complexion naturally.

Incorporating Amla Murabba into your daily diet not only satisfies your taste buds but also nurtures your health from within. Embrace this sweet delight and savor the plethora of benefits it offers for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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