Unclaimed Bank account holders are not coming to claim their accounts, the term is expiring

Nov 11 2019 03:44 PM
Unclaimed Bank account holders are not coming to claim their accounts, the term is expiring

New Delhi: Black money stashed in Swiss banks caught fire ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had taken aggressive measures against the then Congress government. Now no claimants of at least 10 bank accounts of Indians are being found in Swiss banks. There is a danger of the transfer of funds in these accounts to the Swiss government.

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According to the news agency PTI, no contenders have come forward for these dormant Swiss bank accounts of Indians in the last six years, which has led to the danger of money being transferred to the Swiss government. It is said that crores of rupees are deposited in these accounts. For some accounts, the claim deadline is expiring in the next month and the remaining accounts in December next year. The amount of these accounts can be transferred to the Swiss government if claims and details are not submitted within the prescribed limit.

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Two account holders are said to be residents of Kolkata, one Dehradun and two account holders from Mumbai. The period for claiming accounts of Chandralata Pranlal Patel, Mohan Lal and Kishore Lal is ending in December. At the same time, the deadline to claim for the accounts of Mumbai-based account holders Rosemary Burnett and Pierre Vachek, Dehradun-based Chandra Bahadur Singh and Yogesh Prabhudas Suchah is till December 2020. Yogesh's last residential address is in London as per records. The other account holders are Leela Talukdar and Pramata N. Talukdar.

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