Symptoms and Signs of Kidney Failure, Causes & Stages

Jul 29 2019 12:56 PM
Symptoms and Signs of Kidney Failure, Causes & Stages

A kidney is an essential part of our body. If there's the slightest difficulty, you can do anything. Therefore, routine checkups should always be carried out. The kidney cleanses the blood and removes the harmful things from the body and keeps us healthy. So you're going to have to tell you about how to keep the kidneys healthy. Some symptoms indicate kidney failure. So be alert as soon as these symptoms appear. Learn those symptoms.

* Repeated abdominal pain also points to this. Do not ignore it, especially if there is unbearable pain on the left or right side of the abdomen as it may be a sign of kidney failure.

* When the kidneys are damaged, water fills the lungs, causing the lungs to fail to function properly. This causes difficulty in breathing. Show the doctor immediately.

* If your hands and feet suddenly develop, these symptoms indicate kidney failure. So, once this happens, do a sure check-up with your doctor. Not only that, but too much swelling under the eyes is also a sign of it.

* If your urine appears thick or blood comes while passing the urine, do not ignore it at all. Also, if the urine suddenly disappears and is not controlled, it is also a sign of trouble.

* Sometimes inflation causes irritation while passing urine. But if it's a constant and long time, don't ignore it. Be sure to check it out with a good urologist.

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