Yoga Pose to Get Rid of Your Headache

Jul 29 2019 11:08 AM
Yoga Pose to Get Rid of Your Headache

Most headaches, caused by muscle tension. This headache also bothers you and it can cause headaches as mental pressure increases. You take medicines and if you are suffering from frequent headaches, it is a good way to do yoga. Let us know which postures will be better for you to headache.

Why is there a headache?
This problem occurs by constantly sitting in front of the computer. We are frequently consuming tea and medicines, which are not correct. Sometimes the reason behind it can be excessive stress and weakness of the eyes.

asana method
Sit on the paws with a blanket or a carpet in a convenient place. Place a pillow or cushion under the head, tilt your head and stick to the ground. Twist both hands with elbows and place them on the ground on either side of the head. Then the strength of the hands rest. Straight (head) by foot up. Twist the left leg with the knee and adjacent to the thigh of the right foot. This is the full state of posture.

Benefits of Asanas
Regular exercises of this posture are very used to relieve headaches. It relieves mental stress and laziness. Also, the waist is straight. The legs get stronger. This posture is also beneficial for hemorrhoids patients. This posture in diseases of the chest, neck, and back gives considerable benefits.


Do this asana under the supervision of a yoga instructor.

Avoid doing this posture in periods.

This should not be done even in high BP or dizziness.

Avoid doing this posture even if there is any problem in the neck.

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