Wrong Body Position Can Give Neck And Waist Pain, Know What Is The Right Remedy

Jul 28 2019 07:48 PM
Wrong Body Position Can Give Neck And Waist Pain, Know What Is The Right Remedy

If you are standing or sitting in the same position for hours continuously, you might have pain in the body which is a common problem. These problems often occur in a sitting job. These include groin, neck and chest pains. If you don't understand your illness even after a continuous test, check your position once. This may give you relief.

Cases of growing back pain
Many recent researches have revealed that cases of neck and back pain is rising among young people. While yet the joint pen was supposed to be a sign of aging. The problem of joint pain is now being seen in young people as well as by sitting continuously.

This disease is associated with life style.
90 percent of people suffer from back pain at some stage of their life. Sometimes it becomes so serious that it seems to be difficult to work. The problem of waist and neck pain among working people is increasing rapidly, especially among young people who do desk jobs in the IT industry or BPOs or sit in front of computers for several hours.

Keep Right Body Position

The biggest factor that can increase body pain is the wrong body position. Failure to heal body position worsens the alignment of the spinal cord. This causes pain in the lower back and neck. To avoid waist pain, always sit straight to the waist and backwards in such a way that the weight of the body is equal on both the hips. It is also important not to sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes.

Take Your Remedy

Stay Active
Be physically active, exercise regularly and do yoga. Walking is helpful in increasing the bone mass. Regular workouts keep the weight under control, which does not put extra pressure on the muscles.

Take a break
Sitting in the same position for several consecutive hours is messing with your health. So it's important to take a break from the middle of it.

Get up from your chair once every hour and stretch your neck and waist for 30 seconds.

Push the neck in the opposite direction, 5-5 seconds with the hands back and forth.  Smoothie can be up and down, right and left can also make 10-10 seconds.

Repeat any position you get rest in. Do this at least three times a day throughout the working hour.

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