Syria condemns airstrikes carried out by the US in Hasakah
Syria condemns airstrikes carried out by the US in Hasakah

After the chaos in Hasakah caused by Islamic State (IS) militants trying to flee a Kurdish-controlled jail and the subsequent US airstrikes, the Syrian Ministry of Defense stated that the US Air Force had committed "barbaric" conduct, killing innocent people including women and children.

Thousands of residents were forced to escape their homes in Kurdish-controlled areas to authorities-managed areas in Hasakah as a result of the instability and confrontations between IS militants and the SDF during US airstrikes, according to the Ministry.

It was reported that when the fleeing civilians arrived in federal government-managed areas, they were given proper treatment. The Ministry also reiterated its call for the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria, which was triggered in part by the targeting of civilians in the process of chasing down fleeing IS militants.

IS raided a Kurdish-run jail in Syria's northeastern province of Hasakah on Thursday in an attempt to liberate IS inmates. Around 80 convicts were able to leave and take refuge in nearby buildings, resulting in fights and airstrikes by US forces.

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