Taapsee is opposite from her reel life character of Naam Shabana
Taapsee is opposite from her reel life character of Naam Shabana

Taapsee Pannu has made her different place in Bollywood. She has done strong contented films like Pink and upcoming Naam Shabana. However, she is opposite from her reel life characters and she admits it also.

Taapsee says, "I am not a violent person at all. I can’t even slap a guy in real life." She also said, "I wanted to but I couldn’t. There have been times when you get eve teased or people pinch you on the wrong side, at that point I wanted to [slap them] but I was probably so scared then that I couldn’t. This was all during college days."

The actress also talks about her role in Naam Shabana, "I don’t relate to my character in Naam Shabana at all. It was a huge challenge, not just physically but also mentally. So far, whatever role I did, I had an element of me in them, but this film has zero elements of me. I love to talk a lot, this woman doesn’t, she has extremely strong stubborn focus, I am not that stubborn with goals, the fact that she doesn’t shy away from hitting people if need be, I don’t do that, I can’t even stand violence in front of my eyes for a long time. I take everything at face value, while she can read between the lines. My six sense doesn’t exist."

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