Taiwan Considers Visa-on-Arrival for Indian Travelers, What to Expect
Taiwan Considers Visa-on-Arrival for Indian Travelers, What to Expect

Taipei - Taiwan is actively considering the implementation of visa-on-arrival (VoA) for Indian citizens, a move that could significantly ease travel for Indian nationals to the East Asian nation.

Tien Chung-kwang, Deputy Foreign Minister of Taiwan, expressed this intention during discussions with reporters in Taipei on Tuesday. He highlighted India's substantial outbound travel and the potential benefits of simplifying visa procedures.

"We are considering visa-on-arrival for Indian citizens. We are in discussions with the Immigration Department. This decision cannot be made unilaterally by the government; it requires internal discussions," Tien Chung-kwang stated, underlining the collaborative nature of the policy change.

He further emphasized Taiwan's proactive stance on enhancing tourism and business ties with India. "We have received the proposal for visa-on-arrival and are giving it very serious consideration," he added.

The possibility of easing visa requirements comes amidst growing economic ties between India and Taiwan under Taiwan's 'New Southbound Policy'. The two nations have also signed agreements allowing Indian workers to be employed in Taiwanese industries.

This move follows a recent diplomatic exchange between Taiwan President Lai Ching Te and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which drew objections from China. Taiwan's Deputy Foreign Minister dismissed China's objection, affirming the robust relationship between Taiwan and India.

"I am confident that Prime Minister Modi and our President will not be swayed by these reactions," Tien Chung-kwang said in response to China's claims regarding Taiwan's sovereignty.

The Chinese Embassy in India has reiterated China's stance that Taiwan is an "inalienable part" of China's territory. They emphasized the one-China policy as a universally recognized norm in international relations.

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