'Take out the corpse, I will make it alive..'

Indore: A tantrik did a high voltage drama in the district hospital of Damoh, Madhya Pradesh. In fact, Sonu Adivasi of the city's Polytechnic College had committed suicide in his house. His body was kept in the mortuary of the district hospital. At first, the family members left after keeping his dead body, but after some time came back with a tantrik and insisted on taking out the dead body.

There was Tantric Baba with the family, who was telling himself very powerful and was claiming that he had only a few minutes, in which if the dead body was taken out, he would bring it to life. The family members of the deceased had so much faith in the words of that Baba that he roamed in a rage, insisting on the police and the hospital staff to remove the dead body. When no one listened to him, Baba got angry and started trying to break the door of the mortuary. When the information was received, the police reached the spot and started watching the spectacle of that Baba.

After some time, the door of the mortuary was opened on the demand of the family members, where the sister of the deceased saw the dead body. She wanted the dead body to be taken out so that Baba could bring it to life. Baba standing outside kept on doing gimmicks for a long time. Ultimately nothing happened and after that the police closed the mortuary and returned the family to the house. Baba also left silently from there.

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