Take these immediate measures to get relieved in high fever

The monsoon has started knocking and this season brings you many diseases. You only need to pay attention to avoid this. Recently, several children have died due to bright fever in Bihar. In case of fever, it has to be treated soon. So today we've come up with a few ways to help you get relief in minutes even in high fever. Let us know about those methods.

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Ginger contains antioxidant properties which helps to relieve fever. Combine ginger powder in hot water to bathe the sick person so as to remove fever.

Onions are helpful in reducing fever temperature. To use it, grind the onions and paste it on your feet. This reduces the body temperature.

mustard oil
Mustard oil is helpful in lowering body temperature. Heat two teaspoons of mustard oil and add two four buds of garlic. Now, after cooling, massage the oil on the soles of the body and hands and feet, which will reduce body pain as well as lower body temperature.

Wet Towel
Wet towels also reduce body temperature by placing wet towels on the head to reduce fever temperature. Also can relieve fever.

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