Talking to nurse can help smokers quit smoking..!
Talking to nurse can help smokers quit smoking..!

Talking and getting involved in conversations with trained nurses may help smokers to quit smoking, according to a new study which showed that quit rates among hospital patients doubled when staff were trained to coach people on how to stop smoking.

In the batch of 1,528 patients taken over in five community hospitals in the United States, the hospitals’ lab confirmed that reports show that patients by the time of their discharge had given up smoking.

People who had been treated at three of these hospitals met at least once with a nurse who had undergone a one-hour training on how to help people quit smoking.

Nurses and other hospital staff were also trained to make sure patients got the help they needed quit smoking, whether that meant counselling, patches, gum or prescription medication.

This skilled step of training the nurses and influencing the patients as nurses are a frequent visitor to them has shown a drastic change hence this is recommended step to change the life of the patient which can be taken by some of the hospitals.

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