Taliban and Northern Alliance begin talks, both agreed on ceasefire

Kabul: Talks between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance have resumed in Panjsheer, Afghanistan. The Taliban may have occupied the entire area, but it is yet to reach Panjshir. The two groups had been at war here for a long time, but now an agreement has been reached on the ceasefire.

According to reports, talks between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban led by Ahmed Masood have begun in Parwan. Maulana Amir Khan Muktai is leading the talks on behalf of the Taliban. The conversation has been named Aman Jirga by the Taliban. The meeting is underway in the Charikar area of the Parwan district. On Panjshir, the Taliban has said that a ceasefire has been agreed upon by both sides. Fighters on both sides in Panjshir will not fire at anyone right now nor will any tension be created.

In the past, there were reports of firing on the borders of Panjsheer between fighters of the terror group Taliban and the Northern Alliance, where nearly 300 Taliban were said to have been killed. The Taliban are constantly trying to capture Panjshir, but the Northern Alliance is adamant not to do so.

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