9-year-old girl makes homemade mosquito trap, Watch video

Jan 14 2021 05:28 PM
9-year-old girl makes homemade  mosquito trap, Watch video

Mosquitoes troubles all of us a lot. Every season there is mosquito terror and creams and machines are used. Recently, a small girl from Tamil Nadu has made a jugaad to get rid of mosquitoes, which you will not be able to think. The girl is 9 years old and her name is Indira. She lives in Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu and has created a desi mosquito trap working on the Ovillantas concept.

According to the information found, Indira has used a 13-inch old tire, 1 hanger, silicone glue, 1 inch PVC pipe, ball valve, PVC glue, filter paper and water-filled bottle to make it. You can watch the video of the Mosquito trap which has been shared on YouTube and after watching this video you can also make it. The mosquito trap attracts mosquitoes. It is made to attract mosquitoes.

Seeing water, mosquitoes come here and give their eggs. When these eggs turn into larvae, they are removed from the tire and killed in chlorine water. By doing this you can avoid mosquitoes. This trend of making Ovillanta (mosquito nets) is very popular in the villages of Mexico.

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