Woman falls 650-ft down cliff after saying 'yes', boyfriend did this to save her

Jan 02 2021 10:04 AM
Woman falls 650-ft down cliff after saying 'yes', boyfriend did this to save her

It is said that if love is true, then the whole world works to reunite them and if you will sincerely propose your girlfriend or lover for marriage then the answer in front is hardly received. One such case has come from Australia, where the lover proposed marriage to the girlfriend and in a hurry to say yes, the woman fell below the height of 650 feet.

The woman became so happy with the proposal of marriage of the lover that in an instant to say yes, her leg slipped off the cliff and she fell down. However, the pair of these two were very lucky because even after falling down from such a height, nothing happened to the woman. The lover took him to rock before proposing marriage to his girlfriend and proposed it at sunset. The lover is 27 years old. On hearing the proposal of marriage, the girlfriend fell down from the rock, however, while falling down, the woman answered the proposal and said yes I will marry you.

According to media reports, the lover jumped as she fell down. But he got stuck in one place only after coming down 50 feet. The woman did not suffer any heavy injury because she fell on a sheet of snow even after falling from a height of 650 feet. After this, when a passer-by saw her fall on the ice, he informed the administration. Subsequently, the woman's life was saved. A police officer said that these two are extremely lucky, both fell down, but no one was deeply hurt. Both are safe and it is very surprising.

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