Tamil Nadu Crime: Mother among nine arrested for selling infant

CHENNAI: Nine individuals, including the mother of a one-year-old girl, were arrested on Thursday in Tamil Nadu's Virudhunagar district for selling the infant to a childless couple.

According to police, the infant was sold for Rs 2.30 lakh to a childless couple in Madurai. Kalaiselvi, 25, was staying at Sevalpatti after her spouse Murugan died, and she conspired with one Karuppusamy (58) to sell her one-year-old kid to the childless couple.

On Wednesday at 12.35 p.m., the Virudhunagar child line received a call reporting the sale of a one-month-old baby girl to a childless couple. Guruswamy, the Childline coordinator, assigned a field worker named Murugan to investigate the complaint.

Murugan went to the residence where Kalaiselvi was staying with a social worker from the District Child Protection Unit, Karthigairaja, and found that the anonymous call received by the Virudhunagar childline was real, and that the child had been sold to a childless couple in Madurai.

Kalaiselvi was interviewed by a police squad led by Virudhunagar Police Superintendent Manoharan, DSP Archana, and Soolarkarai police inspector S. Vinayagam.

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