Priest used to run sex racket under the guise of church, arrested from Kabul

Jul 15 2021 03:18 PM
Priest used to run sex racket under the guise of church, arrested from Kabul

Chennai: A case of sex racket under the guise of a church has come to light from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. Media reports said, seven persons including a priest named Lal NS Shine Singh and four women have been arrested by the police for running a sex racket under the guise of a church.

According to reports, on Wednesday (July 14, 2021), Tamil Nadu Police raided the Federal Church of India belonging to the Deuce of Christ Anglican Church of India at Jyoti Nagar in the ST Mangdu area of Kanyakumari district. In fact, the police received information that many men and women used to come to this church in luxury cars. The Federal Church of India is counted among the largest churches in the Kanyakumari district and Bishop Lal NS Shine Singh, the pastor accused of running a sex racket, is the founder and head of the church. Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that church officials have used the premises to run brothels.

Following inputs about the same, the police raided the church and caught several women and men red-handed. The report said a 19-year-old girl was among the arrested women. The girl has been forcibly pushed into the swamp of Jismafaroshi by her mother. However, Tamil Nadu Police has arrested seven persons including the church priest and four women. A priest and a man named Shibin, who was charged with police interrogation, have admitted to running a sex racket.

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