Rajinikanth supports Modi-Shah's decision, congress gives this statement

Aug 13 2019 11:00 AM
Rajinikanth supports Modi-Shah's decision, congress gives this statement

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Congress Committee on Monday accused actor Rajnikant of praising the NDA government for scrapping Section 370 of the Indian Constitution. Tamil Nadu Congress Committee Chairman K S Alagiri has expressed surprise at Rajnikant's statement on the matter. In a statement, he said the actor has attempted to reconcile spirituality with religion.

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"Rajnikant is a spiritual man. His comments on the Kashmir issue are shocking. I wonder if Rajinikanth has reconciled spirituality because of his religious spirit. "The government that dismisses the special status in Kashmir has not done so for other states. Why is that? The Modi government revoked Section 370 in Kashmir simply because it is a Muslim-dominated state.

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Tamil Nadu Congress President requested superstar Rajinikanth to read the Mahabharata to understand the role of Lord Krishna and Arjuna. "I wish Rajnikant read to the Mahabharata to understand that Amit Shah and Modi are Duryodhan and Shakuni. How can they be Lord Krishna and Arjuna when they have taken away the rights of the people?

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