While chanting mantras, the tantrik gave a drug to husband and then with his wife ...
While chanting mantras, the tantrik gave a drug to husband and then with his wife ...

The stories of crime coming today are astonishing to everyone. In such a case, the matter that has come up recently is that of Etah. In this case, on Tuesday, the case of alleged rape by a tantrik with a married woman of Hathras district, who came to treat their children in the village Prithvipur of Nidhaulikalam police station area of Etah, has come up on Tuesday. In this case, the police have registered a case and started the further investigation.

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While talking about this, Nidhaulikalan in-charge Sanjeev Kumar Tyagi said on Tuesday that "This victim, who belongs to Sikandararau area of Hathras district, along with her husband on Friday last, was killed by alleged tantric youth living in Prithipur village of Nidhaulikalan. She had come to blow up .. " With this, he further said that the woman alleges that "During the flare-up, the tantric young man and his partner gave her husband Drug Saad while feeding knocked unconscious and show her fear of untoward raped alternately with her. After this, he threatened that if she would tell anyone about this, her family would be destroyed.

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With this, the victim woman gave information about the incident to her husband and after this, the police station has filed a case against the accused. In this case, the police station in-charge said that "Investigation and efforts are on for the arrest of the occultist by registering a case and setting up a team under the leadership of SI Satish Kumar".

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