Teach 'life skills' to your kid with these tips !
Teach 'life skills' to your kid with these tips !

Apart from the good education, there are many life skills you need to teach your kids. The world is moving at a fast pace and in this fast moving world, it is very important to keep up the good growth speed of your kid. Being wise becomes so important for kids. At school, at home, with friends and at any social gathering, your kid must know some basic things in order to be safe and active.

Some parents like to keep their kids always in their security concern, but what they miss is that they also need to prepare their kid for any 'what if' condition. Let's see how you can make your kids wiser with a little extra effort of yours:

  1. Introduce your kid to public transport. Although you never leave your kid anytime alone but it's a common practice that you need to make your kid aware about. It will bring the fear of strangers out of your kid's mind.
  2. Allow them to explore new things like if there is any camping or social outing from your kid's school, just let him/her go. Don't impose your fears over him/her. It will help your kid learn social attitudes as well as give you the confidence that your kid can take care of him/herself. 
  3. Let your kid experience the new things. Be it on the internet, television or the market. Don't always tell them what to watch (suited for their age), what to learn or what to buy. Sometimes let your kid meet with his/her own mind. Don't always influence your kid's mind for how you want it to be. 

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