Telangana Election Exit Poll: Date, Time, and More
Telangana Election Exit Poll: Date, Time, and More

As the Telangana Polls draw to a close on Thursday, November 30 at 5 pm, anticipation mounts for the announcement of results slated for Sunday, December 3.

The much-awaited exit poll outcomes for Telangana, alongside Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, and Rajasthan, will be unveiled after 5 pm on November 30. These surveys, conducted by diverse agencies, aim to decipher voting trends and patterns by gathering voter data post-casting ballots.

Although exit polls might not present precise results, they offer a preliminary insight into the potential performance of each political party.

The declaration of poll results for these five states will commence from 9 am on Sunday, accessible through the official election commission websites for each state.

Wondering where to catch these exit polls and results live? Numerous news channels and digital platforms will provide coverage. Specifically, Telangana's results will be officially announced on The live telecast will be available across multiple news channels, online streaming platforms, and social media for easy access.

Telangana, featuring 119 constituencies, will have its polls on November 30, while the voting process has already concluded in the other four states over the past two months.

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