Woman killed 3-yr-old innocent nephew, reason is said to be husband's undue love

Hyderabad: A sensational case has surfaced from Hyderabad, Telangana. Here, a woman threw a three-year-old innocent down from the roof to death. The reason behind the woman's doing this is even more startling. It is being told that the woman's husband loved the child very much, due to which the woman was upset. The woman and her husband have been married for a year. They both have no children. The child whom the husband used to love dearly was his nephew. The woman was angry about the undue love of her husband towards the nephew.

This incident is from the Bhawaninagar police station area of Charminar. Here Ayesha, 22, threw her three-year-old nephew Nuan down from the second floor of the building. The nephew was loved by everyone in the family. Ayesha did not like this thing. On one hand, Ayesha herself had no children. On the other hand, she was unable to tolerate the love her nephew received from her husband and family. In the same building, the family of Mohammad Eiteshamuddin (32) and Shujauddin (27) live.

The elder brother had a child after marriage, while the younger brother has been married for a year and had no child. On Tuesday, Ayesha tied the child first and then threw it down from the roof. The child suffered a lot of injuries after which he was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. The police has registered a case in this case and arrested the accused Ayesha. The matter is being investigated. There is an atmosphere of sorrow in the family due to this incident.

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