Telugu star Nabha Natesh happy her new film has opened in theatres

Jan 08 2021 01:51 PM
Telugu star Nabha Natesh happy her new film has opened in theatres

Telugu Actress Nabha Natesh is on cloud nine, as her recent release, Solo Brathuke So Better, has opened to a good response at the theatres. What makes it all the more special is that this was the first film to release in theatres post lockdown.

Even as the film does good business, Nabha’s character Amrutha is being liked by viewers. Her acting is receiving special attention of the admirers. Even as many films have been releasing on over the internet amid the closure of cinema halls owing to Covid lockdown, Nabha feels going to theatres is more than just an outing.

“It’s a wholesome magical experience. It is not just about going to the theatres — going there, booking tickets, ordering popcorn and watching something on a huge screen is a very different experience. It’s magical and has so much more grandeur,” she says.

The talented actor’s career has been soaring every since she starred in the 2019 sci-fi action drama, iSmartShankar. Apart from good roles, how important is it for her to be positively critiqued? “It matters to me how my performance is reviewed but more than that I focus on how much my audience loves my work and if I am able to entertain the fans or not, ” she shares. Bollywood dreams? “Things have started getting back to normal now in the film industry. I am in talks with some filmmakers, but would like to comment only at the right time, ” She says.

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