Taliban capture 85% of Afghanistan, Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan
Taliban capture 85% of Afghanistan, Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan

Kabul: While the US is rapidly withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban, the terror group, has claimed that it is now in control of 85 percent of the country's territory. In Afghanistan, the Taliban have recently killed pilots, after which Air Force officials are also selling their property and settling in a safe place. One such officer and a real estate agent have been shot dead.

In the last few months, 7 pilots from Afghanistan have been killed. This is a targeted killing aimed at eliminating Afghanistan pilots trained by the US and NATO. Since the Taliban does not have an Air Force, it is forcing Afghanistan's security forces to fight on the ground because that is its strength. That is why the Air Force officers are being targeted.

A Taliban spokesman told Reuters that it had launched a case to target Afghan pilots as they bombed their targets. A United Nations report suggests that 229 civilians have died due to the Taliban in the first 3 months of 2021 and Afghanistan's air force has caused 41 civilian deaths. It is also being reported that 1000 Afghan army personnel fled to neighboring Tajikistan fearing the Taliban, out of which 300 returned.

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