Have you ever eaten a 25 kg lollipop, watch this video!

We all insisted on our parents as children to eat toffees, chocolates, ice cream, and lollipops. Earlier lollipops used to be worth Rs. 1 or Rs. 2, that too is very small but have you seen a 25 kg lollipop? Yes, recently a 25 kg lollipop has been made and its photos and videos are now going viral fast. At present, there are a variety of videos on social media that are being liked by people. This includes a 25 kg lollipop. The video of the 25 kg lollipop is currently going viral.



In fact, a man-made 25 kg lollipop, which surprised people. Earlier, Feroz E.G. Chuttipara had made 50 kg of ice cream. Feroz is a YouTuber and has done this unique feat. You can see this video shared on Village Food Channel on YouTube. In this video, a man named Feroz Chuttipara has created a huge lollipop with the help of another person. Well, seeing this, everyone, whether a child or an adult, would like to eat it. At the beginning of this video, Chuttipara makes a regular size lollipop and then shows how a 25 kg lollipop can also be made.

You can see to make a 25 kg lollipop, Chuttipara heated sugar and water in a steel container with all the ingredients and then put the mixture in a round clay pot. Now people watching this video on YouTube are expressing their desire to eat it in comments.

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