Textationship: The latest term defining modern relationship landscape !
Textationship: The latest term defining modern relationship landscape !

The Internet and smart gadgets have changed every single aspect of life. The most affected aspect of technology and internet is the relationships. Social media has completely changed the way relationships used to be. Today's couples talk more, express more and interact more but this process of over interaction gave birth to the uncertainty of relationships. People are more insecure nowadays and definition of love has changed a lot with time. 

Textationship is the result of this over interactive world. It's a rectangular relationship that involves you, the object of your affection and both of your phones. In this type of relationship, you never meet in person or face-to-face but choose to confine your thoughts or feelings through texting. 

It has become the most common type of relationship for today's generation where two people really don't want to take their relationship to the next level rather is in a textual relationship which is a sort of being in a relationship yet not being in one. It's like playing safe in a relationship game where there are chances that one can choose to backtrack. Most people cover this type of relationships under the ground of friendship but actually, they are in a textationship.

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