Elephant was wandering in search of food, died due to electrocution
Elephant was wandering in search of food, died due to electrocution

Bangkok: A painful case has emerged from Thailand. Where an elephant wandering in search of food died due to electric current. It is being told that a man had installed electrical wires all around to protect his mango farm from animals. With which this elephant was found dead on 5 June. Officials of the forest department say that this elephant died due to the current.

According to Thailand's media reports, forest department officials said that this elephant was hungry and came here in search of food. One who died due to electric shock. On Saturday, the park rangers saw the elephant and informed the people of the forest department. Investigations found that there were signs of burning on his body. After which the owner of the farm also admitted that he had left the current by putting electric wires. But how the elephant came here and when he felt the current, he is not aware of it.

Elephant's corpse has been delivered for postmortem. After which the real reason for his death will be revealed. People working in the fields say that the wild animals here do a lot of damage. Because of which they keep electrical wires fixed. Let us tell you that there is a furore in the country due to the death of a pregnant elephant. In Kerala, an elephant ate pineapple filled with firecrackers. After which he died standing in water. The matter is under investigation. In which it is being told that the farmer had kept explosive fruits to drive away the wild animals. Which Hathini had eaten and her mouth and trunk were burnt.

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