The 4 Best Multipurpose Makeup Products That’ll Save Your Time & Money!

Jun 10 2021 03:26 PM
The 4 Best Multipurpose Makeup Products That’ll Save Your Time & Money!

There are multipurpose products and hacks for almost every beauty necessity. Here are a few excellent multi-purpose beauty products that will keep your beauty routine intact without adding hordes of products.

1.Brown Kajal
you should know that brown kajal works very well too. This basic kajal stick can be applied on the waterline, can also be used as a brown eyeshadow to create a sexy smoky look, or used as an eyebrow filler for creating volume and framing the face. This multipurpose makeup product is a must have and can be found in a multitude of brands in the market.

2.Liquid Highlighter
A liquid illuminator or highlighter is one of the best beauty products because of its versatility. A liquid illuminator, as the name suggests, helps highlight different parts of the face and body. You can apply it on the bridge of the nose, the brow bone, collar bones, the apple of your cheeks and more.

3.Brown Blush
For many people, rosy cheeks is what comes to mind when we think of blush, but that is not always the best option especially for warmer skin tones. A brown blush can be used as a contouring powder or bronzer as well. Apply this on the hollows of your cheeks to create depth and make the cheekbones stand out. Make sure to blend and build a look so it doesn’t look cakey and fake. 

4.Lip & Cheek Tints
Another product that is super versatile is the lip and cheek tint. This gorgeous product has made life a lot easier for people who are looking for something fuss-free to apply to the lips. For people who don’t like wearing lipstick all the time but like some colour on their lips, this option is the best. This product is quite weightless and lasts long, making it quite perfect. On top of that it can also double up as a cheek tint giving a sun flushed look.


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