This beautiful view of sea will make you feel like heaven

People who are fond of roaming are always visiting new places. Many people love to see mountains and seas. So today we are going to tell you about such a beautiful beach. Where the beauty will fascinate you. The little Sea of Star in maldives looks like a sight to behold in heaven. The beauty here can control the mind of any human being. You can sit by the water here and enjoy the calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

The middle view at night is worth watching, here you will see a lot of blue stars and hence it is called beach of stars. The reason why these blue stars appear is natural and chemical. The sea microorganisms found in water produce blue luminisans toxins and therefore these shiny substances start shining at night. And look like stars.

The night time on Vadhu Island in Maldives looks gorgeous and romantic. You can go here with your partner and have some memorable moments of your life. You can also sit here in a boat and take a walk to the sea. There are a lot of hotels on the beach where you can stop and see its beautiful view.

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