The benefits of consuming Chocolate: Chocolate Day Special

Chocolate, the word itself is enough to leave your mouth watered. Ever feeling low, try a chocolate and you're back in the mood. Even science has approved the fact that chocolate aids in elevating your mood and helps you deal with depression. 

July 7th is celebrated as the World Chocolate Day. People exchange chocolates as a token of love.

Remember the days when our parents used to scold us for eating chocolates and warned us that the delicious chocolates could actually spoil our teeth.

Well, here are some benefits regarding the chocolates, that would leave you delighted.
1. Dark Chocolates without any added sugar and any other synthetic additive are very beneficial for the heart. It reduces the risk of any sort of heart diseases.

2. Chocolate also helps in strengthening your immune response. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Chocolates aid our Helper T cells that eventually stimulate our killer T cells to produce antibodies that would fight the foreign object.

3. A sore Throat is something that annoys all of us. You would be delighted to know, that chocolates which contain high amount of cocoa, produce a major stimulant called theobromine, which is more efficient than codeine, which itself is a cough suppresent and is used in various medicines.

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