The boy made an overnight Physical relationship and breakup in the morning, the troubled girl...

Jun 18 2019 09:41 PM
The boy made an overnight Physical relationship and breakup in the morning, the troubled girl...

Recently, there has been a case of crime that will blow your senses. Yes, two software engineers in Karnataka met each other through dating app Tinder, but their love story soon got down to sad endings. Rama Reddy (29), who works at a private tech firm, began dating a woman after she met on Tinder. According to reports, the woman is also an employee of a tech company and accused Rama of having a breakup after forcing her to have a sexual relationship.

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Yes, the two reportedly dated each other for a month, but only 24 hours after the physical relationship was broken, the woman wanted to start a beautiful relationship. Yes, according to a report that the woman told the police that "Rama told the woman that she was no longer in a mood to take the relationship forward." He complained to the police. In the complaint, the woman said, "On June 3, Rama summoned the woman to her apartment in Harihar Enclave in the IAS colony and allegedly, Rama forced the woman to have a relationship. The next day, the woman called Rama and offered to get married, but Rama said she doesn't believe in a relationship and should break up now. The woman then continued her efforts and tried to persuade Rama, but Rama started ignoring her and blocked WhatsApp. The woman then went to the Whitefield Police Station and lodged a complaint against Rama. "In this case, the victim said, "Our relationship was only a month away. When I met him in Tinder, he was talking very decently but he just wanted to have a physical relationship with me and i had no feeling in his heart.'

"After making our connection to her apartment, she told me that I forced her to do so. It's not true. Rather he had forced me to sleep with me. When I offered to marry her the next morning, she refused. The next day he broke up with me. I felt so duped as if I was used to it.'

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