The boyfriend was being pressured to marry his minor girlfriend so he...

Jun 25 2019 03:42 PM
The boyfriend was being pressured to marry his minor girlfriend so he...

Nowadays cases of rising crime are shocking to all. The case that has come up recently is of Latehar. The murder of a minor girl in Manika police station area of Latehar district on May 22 has been revealed on Monday. Talking to the press about the carnage, SP Prashant Anand said that the girl's boyfriend, Shash Ram, along with two of his other accomplices, had murdered her. In this case, the boyfriend had shanked the girl's body from a tree to make the murder-suicide.

According to reports, the SP informed that Manika Matlong resident Shatram and Sagar Kumar, accused of murder, were sent to jail. On the other hand, the SP said that the girl's boyfriend, Shasta Ram, had a relationship with other girls and that the girl was forced to marry him. Disturbed by this, the young man planned and killed the young girl.

The report came after the postmortem of the body in the case and it was clear that the girl had been murdered. On the basis of the evidence found during the course of the investigation, the police apprehended the accused, Shaste Ram and Sagar Kumar. in which the young man has confessed his crime. There are a number of cases that have come to light.

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