The bull also adopted the kick challenge
The bull also adopted the kick challenge

These days, kiki dance challenge is going on everywhere, which he is adopting and is seen dancing after getting down from the moving car. The police have also warned about this Kiki Challenge, but still people have not made any difference, even the stars have not made any difference, they are still adopting and doing this challenge. Let us tell you that Kiki Challenge has been popular for a long time and it has been adopted by everyone from common people to TV celebs and it was also done by Telugu stars.

After adopting this challenge, many people became victims of accidents and many people also died. After the death of people, the police launched a campaign to stop this challenge, but it has not stopped so far. Some time ago, everyone liked this challenge of coming with glasses and now a buffalo has also adopted this challenge. Yes, a buffalo was seen adopting this kiki challenge, she is also dancing in front of the car.

Now if you do not believe our words, then you can watch this video, which you will enjoy and believe. This video has been uploaded by a Facebook page which is now becoming increasingly viral and is also being well liked by everyone.

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