The 'clear signs' your guy isn’t into you!
The 'clear signs' your guy isn’t into you!

It’s the worst feeling ever when the person you care about isn’t interested at all.

Here are a few signs to help you realize the difference between someone playing it cool vs someone who just doesn’t care.

1. They seem to forget – The guy just doesn’t seem to remember where you’ve hung out together or things you’ve discussed with him.  Yeah, it's time to wake up! Because if he really did care he would remember every damn thing about you.

2. Discuss other women – If he discusses other women with you, then chances are he’s trying to find out the thought process of some other girl.

3. He takes forever to call or text – If he takes forever to call or text you, then the guy is just not interested at all. Short, abrupt messages isn’t a great sign!

4. Hot and cold – If he only flirts with you when he has nothing to do or bored, but at other times he’s uninterested in you.  Then this is a sign he doesn't care about you.

5. Cancelling plans – If he cancels on you at the last-minute to take up other offers, then you need to thing about it girl!

6. His priority is never you – You are never first on the his list of priorities. You’re always shoved away to the second spot.


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