'The contractor defamed Bihar...' Shahnawaz Hussain speaks on the collapse of bridge over river Ganga
'The contractor defamed Bihar...' Shahnawaz Hussain speaks on the collapse of bridge over river Ganga

Bhagalpur: A large portion of the bridge being constructed over the River Ganga has collapsed causing a stir in Bihar. In this regard, Shahnawaz Hussain, the industries minister of the Bihar government, has said that action will be taken against the contractor. Cabinet minister Hussain, who arrived in Darbhanga, said it was a dream project of CM Nitish Kumar. In such a situation, the fall of the bridge is very disappointing. Due to such contractors, Bihar is also defamed in the country and the world.

Industries Minister Shahnawaz not only expressed concern over the collapse of the under-construction bridge but also called for a thorough investigation. He said strict action will also be taken against the contractor after the investigation. Khagaria in the state suffered heavy damage due to rain accompanied by a strong thunderstorm late on Friday night. The superstructure of the four-lane Mahasetu on the river Ganga between Aguvani, a Parbatta block of Khagaria and Sultanganj in Bhagalpur district, collapsed at several places. In the strong storm, many superstructures built between the Mahasetu were broken and fell down. 

In fact, the Bihar Pradesh Bridge Construction Corporation is constructing the Mahasetu. This bridge is one of the ambitious projects of the Bihar government. SP Singla Construction Company is constructing the project. The foundation stone of the bridge, which will be built at a cost of Rs 1710 crore, was laid by CM Nitish Kumar on February 23, 2014. About 3.160 kilometers long, it is the Four Mahasetu. 

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