Recalling 1971 history, PM Modi said: 'Never forgotten the 'dark chapter' of emergency...'
Recalling 1971 history, PM Modi said: 'Never forgotten the 'dark chapter' of emergency...'

New Delhi: Recalling June 25, 1975, considered to be the most controversial and undemocratic period in the history of independent India, PM Narendra Modi said that emergency is a "dark chapter" in the history of Indian democracy, which can never be forgotten. Prime Minister Modi tweeted, "The destruction that was witnessed from 1975 to 1977 can never be forgotten, how our democratic sentiments were crushed. We remember all the dignitaries who opposed the Emergency and protected Indian democracy.''



"Let us pledge to do everything possible to strengthen India's democratic spirit, and live up to the values of our Constitution," he added. It may be noted that on this day in the history of India, the Congress Government declared a state of emergency all over India on 25th June 1975, which is called the 'Dark Chapter' of the country's politics, as elections were postponed and the rights of the people were abolished.

On the other hand, Home Minister Amit Shah wrote that "the emergency imposed to suppress the voice against a family is a dark chapter in the history of independent India." Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also recalled this day and said, "The manner in which the Constitution was misused to curb the democratic practices of the country can never be forgotten. This also led to agitations in the country to protect democracy and how many tortures people did not know.''

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