The father of 3 children came to the girl's heart, the matter reached the police station and said - 'Can't live without it now'"

Gopalganj: An incident of love affair has come to light in Gopalganj, Bihar. Here a father of 3 children fell in love with the girl. After the affair going on for two years, the loving couple escaped from the house 1 month ago. Here, the girl's family members filed a case of kidnapping, making the boy a criminal by giving a written application to the local police station. On the basis of the application received, the police started investigation.

On Tuesday, the loving couple was recovered from Sidhavaliya. Married lover says that the girl's village used to come often, in the meantime we both fell in love. Both were living in live-in in Nashik, Maharashtra. The lover told that now whatever happens, I will marry it only. Can't live without it anymore.

According to the news, Manan Ansari, son of Hadees Mian, resident of Olipur village of Yadopur police station area of ​​Gopalganj, fell in love with a girl from his neighboring village two years ago. Ansari says that he often used to come to the girl's village. Due to this, both of them started talking and then the matter went ahead. With time, love blossomed and both decided to live together and ran away from home. Ansari's girlfriend was aware that he was the father of three children. The same police are interrogating both of them by taking them into custody.

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