Fire breaks out at roadways workshop due to sparks falling from electric wire

Every day, the increasing incidents have become a big problem for the people, every day someone is falling prey to these incidents. Not only that, due to these increasing cases, everyone's heart and mind are growing today. Now the only question on people's tongues is whether it is safe to live in their homes today. That's what we've brought you today, a similar incident that you'll be surprised to hear.

Yes, the roadways management has sent a letter to the Power Corporation to remove the electric wire passing over the Brass Nagari Depot. A fire broke out in the roadways workshop due to a spark from the wire. However, there was no major loss.

It has been learned that during the storm, the fort spark did not fall into the garbage of the brass city depot. As soon as the fire broke out, a fire ministry team reached and extinguished the fire. Assistant regional manager Sandeep Kumar Naik took full action on the spot.  Meanwhile, high tension wires of power corporations are passing through the top. These sparks set fire to the garbage lying in the depot. A letter has been sent to the power corporation official asking to remove the wire passing over the depot. The assistant regional manager said there was no damage to the roadways due to the fire.

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