The First Supremacy Mangal occurs on 21st May, know its importance
The First Supremacy Mangal occurs on 21st May, know its importance

The eldest's month has started and this time the first Big Tuesday of ther month will be on May 21. The month of Jayashree will be from May 19 to June 17. During this, there will be 4 big stars in this. On May 21, the first big Mars will be on May 28, besides the big Mars on June 4 and 11. This time the big mangal will be auspicious yoga by staying in supremacy. Hanuman ji is specially worshiped in the big mangal. Lord Hanuman is the 11th Rudra Vatva of Shivaji and is still touring on the earth in this Kalyug. Hukamnama is worshiped by Lord Hanuman on a large Mars and keeps on fasting.

21st May First Big Mars -  This day the Moon will remain in Sagittarius, which is the friend of Mars. Jupiter Dev is Guru, who protects religion. It has welfare everywhere. Having proven yoga will get success in every work. The start of the big Mars of Jyothi will be quite auspicious and successful.

Second Big May - 28 May, the second big Mangal will be in the Purababhadra Padak. The owner of Purabbhadra Padak Nakshatra is a master who will have special effect.

On June 4th, the third big Mars - the  third big Mars will be on June 4, with the Shukla side Pratipada with the Hiroshima. The owner of the Meghshira Nakshatra is the Mangal, which makes everyone a mangal. Which is an auspicious sign. This yoga is also considered very auspicious and good.

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June 11 Fourth Big Tuesday-Fourth Tuesday, on 11th June there will be a cancerous amount with Uttarafalguni Nakshatra. Siddha Yoga will also be on this day. This time, four of the senior men are falling in auspicious yoga.

The significance of senior big Mars is considered on

Tuesday, Hanuman ji. By keeping the fast on Tuesday, Hanumanji gets rid of all obstacles and problems of life. Big Mars is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh's capital, Lucknow with great fanfare. Special preparations are made in the entire Hanuman temple here.  It is believed that after celebrating the big moon in Lucknow, the Nawab of Lucknow had asked for a veneration from Hanuman on the illness of Sadat Ali, which, when completed, Aliganj's old Hanuman temple was built. There is still a sign of the moon above the temple.

According to another belief, the Jatmal trader from Lucknow had sought a vow from the Hanuman statue itself that if his perfume and saffron were sold in the market then he would make a grand temple of Hanumanji. After this, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah bought perfume and saffron from Jatmal for setting up Kaiser Bagh. Upon completion of the mandatory, Jatmal established the image of Hanuman in Aliganj's new Hanuman temple. Since then, every Tuesday of Junior started celebrating as a big Mars.

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