The glory of World's second largest Shaktipeeth, Chinnamastike
The glory of World's second largest Shaktipeeth, Chinnamastike

This temple of Chinnamastike is about 80 kilometers from Jharkhand's capital Ranchi. Mother Chinnamastike Temple located at the confluence of the Bhairavi-Bhadra of Rajappa and the Damodar river is the heritage of faith.

After the Kamakhya Temple of Assam, the famous Chinnamastike temple, known as the world's second largest Shaktipeeth.In addition to the Chinnamastik temple, there are 7 temples named as- Mahakali Temple, Surya Mandir, Ten Mahavidya Mandir, Babadham Temple, Bajrang Bali Temple, Shankar Temple and Virat Roop Mandir.

The temple was built 6,000 years ago, then someone regards it as the Mahabharata era. It is known as the world's second largest Shaktipeeth. he mother has three eyes in the Shilakhand located inside the Mother Chinnamasti temple. The main entrance to the temple is east-facing. There is a place of sacrifice in front of the temple. On average, 100-200 goats are sacrificed daily on sacrificial space.

There is a Mundunda Kund towards the temple. In the south, there is a beautiful Niketan, in the east, there is a veranda under the open sky on the banks of the Bhairavi river. It has a storehouse in its western part. Rudra Bhairav is a trunk near the temple. The temple wall is erected below 18 feet below. In the middle of the confluence of rivers, there is a wonderful sinus pool, which discharges the diseased devotees and communicates the Navjivan.

There are many Kunds like Mundan Kund, Yashan Kund near the Chestal, Yagya Kund, Air Angle Kund, Agnion Kund. There is a ladder at Damodar's door. It was completed on 22 May 1972. This is called Tantric Ghat, which is 20 feet wide and 208 feet long. From here devotees can go to Damodar and go to the temple.


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