The groom went out with a procession in a bulldozer, the driver had to face the consequences

Betul: Police has taken action against the JCB driver for taking out a procession on a bulldozer in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Police has imposed a fine of 5 thousand against the driver. This action has been taken under the Motor Vehicle Act for violating the registration rules. Actually, on Tuesday night in Kerpani village of Betul, there was a marriage of civil engineer Ankush Jaiswal.

Due to this, the groom went out to get married sitting on a bulldozer, not on a mare or buggy. Ankush was sitting in the bucket in front of the bulldozer posing as a groom. Not only this, his friends were also sitting with Ankush and enjoying to the fullest. The procession reached Hanuman temple from home. Seeing this amazing scene, everyone captured it in their phone and its video went viral on social media.

Even though Ankush Jaiswal has made his marriage memorable, but the owner of JCB had to bear the damages. Police had to pay a fine of 5 thousand in the challan action against the driver. Groom Ankush Jaiswal is a civil engineer by profession and is working in Tata Consultancy. Currently working on a project in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh. In this incident, Subedar Sandeep Sunais said that it had come to the notice through journalists that the groom had taken out a procession sitting on JCB. JCB is used commercially. It is not used for public transport. The driver of JCB has violated the rules. While taking challan proceedings against the JCB driver, the police has imposed a fine of Rs. 5 thousand. This action has been taken under the Motor Vehicle Act.

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