The height of 'Cruelty to a girl'
The height of 'Cruelty to a girl'

This is a story of an American woman, Colleen Stan, who was kidnapped while hitchhiking through California. She was just 20 when she was picked up by a couple, Cameron and Janice Hooker.  She was  taken to an isolated area and put a knife on her throat thus threatening her. She was then put into a coffin under the couple's bed for 7 years.

The couple would only let her out of that tiny space to be raped. On the first night of kidnapping Stan was tied with a rope and was beaten by Cameron. Days passed and she was tortured even more. She was forced to become a sex slave. She could have escaped but she was warned by Cameron that a large group of people called ‘The Company' is watching her all the time and if she tried to escape they would harm the family.

She finally escaped with the help of Janice who thought her husband is turning a bigger devil.  Cameron Hooker was sentenced to 104 years in prison for what he did to Colleen.


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