Entering the bathroom, the husband killed his wife, and then...

Agra: A horrific incident has been carried out in the Sadar area of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. An ex-serviceman, who took VRS from CRPF, shot dead his own wife. He shot his wife seven times inside the bathroom. Hearing the sound of the bullet, the daughter-in-law also rushed to kill her. She saved herself by locking herself in the room. After carrying out the incident, she reached the place of acquaintances. The acquaintances informed the police about the incident and handed him over to the police.  

It is reported that Mahendra Singh Rathore had taken VRS from CRPF. Thereafter, he was working as a guard in a bank. They have two sons. One is married, while the other is younger. The eldest son had an accident. The younger son took him to the hospital. The daughter-in-law was working in the room on the first floor. It is said that Mahendra Singh fired at his wife Neetu with a gun inside the bathroom. He was shot seven times one after the other. Hearing the sound of bullets, the people of the locality came. But the door was locked from inside.  

The criminal said that he shot and killed his wife. This caused people to panic. Later, he opened the door and fled with the motorcycle. Then he went to some of his acquaintances. The news of the murder. Acquaintances called the police and arrested them. The cause of the incident is yet to be ascertained.

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