Son was fighting a battle between life and death but father continued to serve people, died

In the second wave of corona crisis, when the virus caused a pile of dead bodies, some were doing their duty even among the dead bodies with all sincerity. Syed Mubarak, a resident of Mysore, is also a name that instills in our hearts a positive feeling even after negativity. Mubarak's two-year-old son was struggling for his life in the hospital while he was transporting people to the hospital without stopping by ambulance to save the lives of the people. Tuesday morning not only brought sad information for Mubarak, but was about to bring tears to the eyes of everyone who heard his story. Frontline worker Mubarak's two-year-old boy succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Mysore. Mubarak was doing his duty in the service of the people his son was suffering. Mubarak came forward when most of the ambulance drivers were reluctant to do their duty. Mubarak is part of the free ambulance service of the BJP unit in Mysore. The ambulance service was launched to help the needy due to the second wave of corona.

Happy to be in service more than duty:-
In the last one and a half months, he had rushed more than 100 covid and non-covid patients across the city to the hospital, many of whom were in critical condition. In the last three days, Mubarak has gone beyond duty and preferred service. The son was on the hospital bed and the father was transporting the needy patients to the hospital. Mubarak's son was accidentally burnt by falling into a hot water tub, but Mubarak did not take leave, he continued his work.

Therefore, the help of the needy continued:-
Mubarak explains that the son had burn marks all over his body. The treating doctors had said that they would do the best. He said, 'I then left everything to God and the doctors and continued to help those who were as needy as I am'. Mubarak, who was waiting for his son's body outside the mortuary of Mysore Medical College, said he rushed a patient from Mysore to Chamarajnagar district on Monday night. He returned late at night and his son died on Tuesday morning.

Information not given to your wife:-
He said 'I had made many plans for his son, but he left us. I still haven't told my wife about it. Mysore BJP president Srivatsa said his own son was on risk and he continued to serve people. He lasted 1. Did a very good job in 5 months. Even after his son's condition deteriorated, he continued to work till late in the night. We don't have words to praise him.

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