The Inspiring Aura of Film Director Pranjal Singh in the Campus of Amity University moved the youth

Have you ever wondered what would it feel like to be welcomed as a guest of honor at your school or university? The place which enlightened your mind and soul now witnesses your success and adores it. The same place which was once your inspiration now calls you back to inspire others. It feels so good! Doesn't it?

Pranjal Singh, from Patna, who has made over 90 films, had the same feeling when he was invited by his university people for the Amity Alumni Start-Up Mentoring. With 12 years of wonderful experience and with the brightest colours of success Pranjal walked through the corridors of Amity University again on 22nd October 2021.

"Experience is the best teacher ever found." What could be better than learning from the experience of the ones who are already shining in their respective fields! Thus the event aimed at providing proficient mentorship to the students by bringing the former and current students on the same platform. This particular day marked the sprouting of the spirit of togetherness among the students.

Pranjal's charismatic aura as a director and music artist cast a spell on over 500 students present there at the moment. He had had multiple degrees from the same university. He has bagged graduation degrees, three post-graduation degrees, a Ph.D., multiple diplomas, and yet had done many certification courses. From being a keen learner to being an excelling professional Pranjal has scaled a long journey to date.

Not only did he excel as a student but also decided to inspire many more like him. Teaching students across the margin of the country he has also taken up his role as a professor at various colleges and universities which include Delhi University, Mumbai University, Jamia Islamia, MICA, Jain, Atharva College, Mithibai College, Symbiosis, and Patna University.

Every student present on the campus was filled with enthusiasm as they could relate to the story of Pranjal as a beginner. Pranjal let his heart out that day and told about his fears and struggles as an entrepreneur which brimmed the students with a lot more interest as they could completely relate with him.
Cutting to the chase, Pranjal announced a heartwarming commitment to providing financial support to the students who were determined to step up their game in the field of immersive technology.

The crowd seemed like a drop in the ocean in comparison to the numerous praises that he got from the faculty. Admiring his presence in the university the faculty said, "Welcome back home, Pranjal!"
That day many students who had lost their hopes to survive in such a competitive world returned boosted with confidence and looked forward to their opportunities waiting ahead.

Pranjal, one of the most remarkable students of Amity University wants to thank the respected faculty members, HOD, and chancellors for giving him the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event. He also wants to thank the organizing committee, give love and respect to all his juniors and seniors. He cherishes this memory in his heart and is grateful for being invited by his university.

Pranjal has never become film director pranjal singh, If Pro-Vice-Chancellor has not given him chance at the right time, Respect & Big Thanks to Major General K.K. Ohri Sir

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