The Man Who Came From 2048, Purport That Aliens Will Attack in 2018
The Man Who Came From 2048, Purport That Aliens Will Attack in 2018

Many mysterious information related to aliens and time travels is hidden in the history pages. This is such a topic, which still remains a puzzle. Films have also been made in Hollywood, Bollywood and other languages ​​on these topics. But recently the American Cops has arrested a suspect. This man has claimed that he has come from the future. This person also claims that in the year 2018, aliens are going to attack on earth .

According to reports, the US police arrested a man named Briantin Johnson. At the time of the arrest, Bryant was too drunk. This person has claimed before the police that he came from another world. He has said that he has come from the year 2048 to 2017. The suspect also told the police that aliens on earth are attacking.

People should move to a safe place soon to save their lives. Tell that Bryant has not disclosed any date and time. But he wants to meet President Donald Trump, so that he can talk about this problem. This man told the police that he really had to go in 2018, but due to some mistake, he reached in 2017.

He says that before traveling to the time, the aliens filled his body with alcohol. For this reason he was so drunk. We don't know that how much truth is there in this matter, that these suspects can be known only.

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